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How BIDING Works


In order to bid, auctioneers must be 18 years old or older and registered with complete, current, accurate information.

1. Proxy Bid: A scale for your Maximum money for the BID.

2. Quick Bid: A single CLICK to “BID” Button

Proxy bid /Maximum Bid: You can set on your max bid. The system will automatically bid for you. You won’t be outbid until anyone exceed your max bid. When you set the max bid, only you will know. For example, your max bid is $100. 


The next highest bid is $5 until the auction ends, you will get it $6, In the same way, if the next highest bid is $70 to the end, you will get it next increment price after the auction ends On the other hand, if any highest bidder bid over $100, you will be outbid, in order to win the bid, you have to enter a higher amount against the current highest bid. 


The variable increment will apply depending on the products. Please bid carefully. 



Auto extend: Your bid may have auto extend. When you bid an item in the final seconds, additional time will be added in the auction.

Quick bid: Quick bid is like when you are outbid any of your auctions or if you have some items in the watchlist, the system will automatically give you an option to quickly bid up in the same spot. 


It is easier for you during closing moments, if you have multiple items to bid, you can just bid up to secure for winning. But it is not the guarantee that you will win the item, you still can be outbid, if anyone set the max bid.